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CPC Research School Grant Writing Challenge


Our senior MD and PhD students had the opportunity to participate in a grant writing exercise in order to develop the skills needed to prepare professional, competitive, and successful grant proposals. They had to pick a topic of their choice - related to their MD or PhD projects, e.g. additional experiments or a side project - and write a structured, concise, and clear grant application (4 pages, max. 2000€ budget).

The students put a lot of effort into this exercise and submitted many interesting and thoughtful grant applications. The proposals were reviewed (written reviews) by their peers and a reviewing committee. Afterwards, the students had to present and "sell" their ideas in form of an elevator pitch.

We are happy to announce the awardees of the 2000 € Grant Writing Challenge:

  • Michael Gerckens "Analysis of extracellular matrix deposition in human ex-vivo tissue culture slices for antifibrotic drug validation"
  • Chaido Ori "Direct differentiation of Pluripotent Stem Cells into Lung Progenitor cells - Could a single key transcription regulator be enough?"
  • Thomas Meul "Investigating the immunoproteasome as a signaling hub between dysfunctional mitochondria and MHC I antigen presentation in the absence of intracellular infections"
  • Mario Pepe "Lung adenocarcinoma prognosis : how to rock clinical risk assessment, lead new biomarkers discovery and drug development with a single move"
  • Stefanie Weiß "A new therapeutic approach in ANCA-associated vasculitis: Blocking the autoantigen Proteinase 3"
  • Mehwish Ishaque "STEP TOWARDS NANOMEDICINE: Differential engulfment of nanoparticles by distinct phenotypes of Macrophages M1 and M2"


Awardees will receive a budget of 2000 € to accomplish their planned experiments.


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